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It’s Been a Month

Written by Sam KinneKansas City Fellow – Class of 2015-2016

It’s been about a month. Everyone is still here. The four components of the Kansas City Fellows are all in full swing.

WORK: The experience so far has been invaluable. It has been encouraging to hear the stories from all the other fellows at our weekly dinners. Most of the feedback has been positive, but what has impacted me the most is the encouragement given when one of us has had a more demanding day/week and is feeling drained or frustrated.

LIVE: The hospitality that has been shown to us so far is insane. Families keep making amazing food, inviting all of us over, offering all sorts of resources and advice, and this shows no sign of slowing down. I think what makes this remarkable is that there isn’t an expectation of receiving something of equal value in order to validate what’s being given, only the expectation that we work as hard as we can in our respective situations. It has been a lot fun.

SERVE: We spent some time learning about Kansas City and the greatest needs of the community. We attended a conference all about the Common Good. It got the wheels turning – and we have all been brainstorming on how lasting impact from our service is created.

LEARN: We spent another weekend in the seminary class. Now, coming from someone who loves numbers, this has been tough. I felt encouraged by the other fellows and also the professor. The application to how this learning will influence our daily lives is there, though at times it’s hard to see.

In regards to the learning component – this is the highlight of my experience in the program as of now. We are all really different. We have been immersed into community with each other and this allowed us to recognize our unique strengths, and so where I am lost, someone isn’t, and everyone is eager to help.

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