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Procrastination, Diaries And Shoddy Technology

Procrastination, Diaries and Shoddy Technology

Written by Austin Huhs, Kansas City Fellow – Class of 2015-2016

So, according to our fancy spreadsheet (*pushes up glasses*), my part of the blog was due two days ago. That’s not exactly in-line with what we are learning in the program here, but it’s typical of me to wait until the last minute and then stress out about having to write the perfect blog. Ugh. I hate when I do that. Maybe I’ll just use my latest diary entry…


Dear diary,

This week was challenging, not only for me but for a lot of us fellows. We’ve been stressed with the idea of writing a long paper that we’ve had plenty of time to do but put off until the final week. It’s totally unfair. I mean why do we have to write a paper that is meant to help us grasp biblical principles proven to be incredibly practical for our walk of faith, anyway? (Sigh).


P.S. Satan is attacking us with every form of technological difficulty possible.

  • Kyle’s computer was hacked by an Indian dude that tried to turn around and sell him something.
  • Apryl saved over her paper with her reference page, which seems like her fault but we suspect Wormwood from Screwtape Letters
  • Jonathon was watching cat videos on his phone when it malfunctioned, sending 20,000 volts shooting through his body, leaving him on the floor smoking like charred barbecue.

So yeah, Satan.


LIVE: We are all alive. Check

LEARN: Digging deep into the Bible has helped us see just how much what we’ve missed at surface level.

WORK: We are starting to settle in at our jobs and find where we can be a light

SERVE: Had the chance to meet with Global Orphan Project and Strengthening Families; really great organizations making a big difference in Kansas City

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