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What’s Next?

What’s Next?

Written by: Jason Prichard, Kansas City Fellow – Class of 2015-2016

As a 22 year old recent college graduate, “What’s next?” is a question that I continue to ask myself. It’s a question that started to creep up in my mind about mid-way through my college career. As a freshman and or sophomore in college, “What’s next” can typically be an easy question to answer – with the exception of potentially moving to a new dorm – “I will be exactly where I am for the next 2-3 years.” For me, this mindset was always very comforting. However, seeing an entire senior class leave year after year always made me say to myself, “That will be me before I know it!” Fast forward college for a little over a year, I was about to take the last Finals of my college career… and I was still looking for what’s next in my young adult life.

It is crazy to think that only a few months ago, I was POSITIVE that I would end up working for my college in good ol’ Sterling, Kansas. I was so sure of it that it was the first time I used the phrase “I feel called” when I thought my employment at Sterling College was in the bag… Oh boy was I wrong. You see, I was so wrapped up in what I thought I knew would be next for my life that when God closed a couple doors, I was content with His leading. Well… I wish that were the case. Instead, I became confused and a bit frustrated at God. “God, what on earth are you doing? Don’t you know I need a job in like three weeks? I have student loans, a degree, and nothing new to provide my basic needs!” Thankfully, the creator of the universe had a better plan in mind. Who knew! Fast forward a couple weeks after Finals, I found myself working for my family business and preparing to move to Kansas City in September.

This lack of trust in God’s plan for my life has equipped me well for my current position. Because even though this program is a whole nine months long, boy does it go by quick. Already over halfway done! Which then brings me back to my initial question; “What’s next?” As a program we have started the process  of exploring what will be next after we graduate from the program. It’s both exciting and (for me at least) a little nervy to wonder and think through what the next step may be for my young adult life. Despite the unknown, I am thankful that God allowed me to struggle through the same question less than a year ago. It is an experience I continue to reflect on as a reminder that God will place me where He wants me… which is good enough!

So for those who are uncertain where they may end up after college, I give you this advice;

1) Be faithful and diligent in searching for the next step in your life

2) Be excited about your near-future possibilities

3) Don’t hold on too tight to your future ambitions – God may want you somewhere you didn’t even consider!

4) Lean on the peace of God, believing that it’s all in His hands.

5) Apply for the KC Fellows Program, it’ll be worth your time!


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