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Written by: Mitch Killian, Kansas City Fellow – Class of 2015-16

A word that has been resonating with me a great deal lately has been “cultivate.” At first glance you might think this post might be about farming, (which would make sense since we are in Kansas) but hear me out. Not helping my case, Google defines cultivate as, “prepare and use land for crops or gardening.” The example sentence used is, “The peasants cultivated the land.” But like I said, hear me out. While farming is a major driver in our economy and a very important occupation, I think there is much more behind the word cultivate.

At Christ Community Church, the yoke is a central symbol and theme (I know another farming reference… Kansas remember?). As we have been learning about the yoke, as well as the meaning of our work, I come to the word cultivate. A yoke isn’t glamorous, it’s not fancy, and if you try and use it alone, it is very difficult to use. However, as Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew, through Him, His yoke is easy and light. God has given us each an individual set of skills to use in order to fulfill His plan. If we allow Him to guide us in the yoke and really trust the skills He gave us, we will be able to cultivate the world in the best way possible.

Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, investment banker, farmer, or janitor, we all have the same responsibility of cultivating the earth. No job is more important than cultivating this earth. Like the example sentence Google gives, we are all peasants carrying out God’s plan. We are here to prepare for the New Jerusalem, not have one more designation behind our names. While high salaries and certifications aren’t a bad thing at all and continuous education and improvement is something we should all strive for; it is important to realize that we can’t lose focus of what we are all called to do no matter what our job or education level is. In the end, we are all just peasants. Borrowing this land, money, and these lives from God.

So, whenever I have those tasks at work I dread, I can know that through those tasks, I am cultivating the earth. As long as I am doing good work, my work is literally preparing this earth for Jesus’ return. I think that if I carry this mentality, those tasks won’t become so mundane. This mentality allows us to go into everything we do with purpose. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? To know that our work is important and know that it is meaningful? If we remember that this is God’s plan for us, the yoke does become glamorous and fancy.

This mentality has allowed me to believe that I can have an immediate impact in anything I am doing. I can’t wait to start contributing until I have that extra degree or job title. We all have the most important job in the world right now; cultivating. Do what you do best and bring glory to God while you do it. Cultivate the earth, be a light to those who need it. No matter what your occupation is, know that it is important and needed. You are cultivating even if you aren’t farming.

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