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A First-time Flight And A House That’s White

A First-time Flight and a House That’s White

Written by: Austin Huhs, Kansas City Fellow – Class of 2015-2016



We recently returned from Washington D.C. – where we spent the week exploring the Nation’s Capitol and spent the
weekend with fellow Fellows at our national conference. It was a jam-packed week filled with some rigorous spiritual
training, a sea of American flags and a lot of chafing (snaps for Carol who came in clutch with the band aids). I think the most appropriate thing to do is to share a list of achievements over the course of our week.

  • Shook the hand of a veteran at a WWII memorial
  • Made someone smile on the metro
  • Tipped an Uber driver 20 bucks even though they don’t accept tips (we’re rebellious like that)
  • Flew on an airplane for the first time (Austin)
  • Met a princess named Natasha and played it cool
  • Watched the President leave the White House
  • Paid $18 for a grilled cheese
  • Found the Secret Service (not really a secret)
  • Wrote and shared our own eulogies – except for Mitch, he just cried the whole time
  • Walked 500 miles
  • Walked 500 more
  • Went to a hockey bar and blended in with the locals (C-A-P-S, CAPS, CAPS, CAPS!)
  • Had my luggage destroyed by an airline baggage vehicle


As you can see, it was an eventful week! In all seriousness, we were given the incredible opportunity to hear from some amazing presenters, visit top-notch organizations working for the Lord (International Justice Mission and The Institute of Faith, Work, and Economics), and come together with other Fellows from across the country in the beautiful city of D.C..


Thank you to all who made this trip a success, I won’t forget it!


….especially Natasha.


-Austin Huhs

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