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Final Hopes And Remarks

Final Hopes and Remarks

Written by Jason Prichard Kansas City Fellow – Class of 2015-2016


About nine months ago I was sitting on a couch at the Rauckman’s house with six other strangers, trying to think of clever yet seemingly natural ways to break the pockets of awkward silence. That day in September was the beginning of an uncomfortable, fun, and humbling nine months.

For the next couple weeks I am intentionally taking time to reflect on all that I have seen, heard and learned these past few months. It can be very easy to simply continue to move forward with what is next and forget how much God has worked in my own life and how I need to continue to apply what he has taught me, on a regular basis. This process of reflection continues to bring an overwhelming heart of thankfulness to how much God has worked in my life through so many people here in KC who are very much invested in this program. A couple weeks ago we had our Fellows Appreciation Dinner that included most of those who have played a major role in the Fellows program. It was such a pleasure and honor to meet the other Fellows’ mentors and employers, and to gather everyone in one room and gain more perspective as to how many people have invested their time in this program; helping make our experience both challenging and worthwhile.

One of the biggest takeaways for me this year is that the more I learn about God, myself, others and work, the more I realize how much I have/get to learn in these aspects of my life. This realization has been both humbling and exciting. Humbling because it proves once again that I will never “arrive”, yet exciting because God has connected me with an amazing community here in KC that continues to provide the space, challenges, encouragement and resources in order to continue to help me grow in my life-long process of sanctification.

So for the 12 Fellows that will be arriving in September, my hope and prayer for you is this: that God will prepare and humble your hearts for a year of learning, service, thankfulness and constant discomfort – in a healthy way! Understand that you will be challenged… but that you will also have an amazing community that is eager to help create the space for you to start your post-college life in a direction that is honoring to the Lord… oh, and that you will also have a blast along the way!

Before I sign off, I wanted to share a couple exciting statistics:

1) 7 out of the 7 Fellows this class will be working full-time jobs in the KC area

2) 5 out of these 7 Fellows are staying with the company they interned with this year

That is all!


All the best,


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