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Starting Life as a Fellow

Written by Reid Hildenbrand – Kansas City Fellow – Class of 2016-2017


In less than 2 weeks my life will take a major shift. After focusing primarily on learning/studying, I will now put all that education to the test and my main focus will become a job where I can use those skills. Not only am I going to begin a new job but I will also be moving away from the city I have called home all of my life. I am departing from a community where I have invested so much of my life and this new start comes with many uncertainties.

I have been counting down the days to move into the Armour House (a cooler name will be decided soon) and start living with five new like-minded guys. These next nine months will be full of learning in all areas of my life. I am excited for the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility at work and add as much value as possible, all of this while frequently meeting with a mentor. I look forward to the time spent on developing my purpose and calling and hearing the Lord’s voice in that. Then being able to go over my experiences and study various coursework throughout the week- overall it will be nice to be involved with a community where I begin post-grad life with a group of people where we can all simultaneously grow and reflect on this invaluable stage of life.

A portion of my thoughts are linked to a fear. Starting with the unease of having to cook for myself. It is now I who is the main provider of my sustenance and assuming I want to keep a healthy balanced diet this will require more than frozen food and cereal.With that also comes the grocery shopping, dishes, potentially burning the house down, etc. There is also the fear of having to be vulnerable with an entirely new group of people. This is not only something that is intimidating but also demanding. Sharing my own burdens and taking on those of others is not something that can be done lightly. I expect the people I will be surrounded by will set the bar high and sharpen me to see the Lord in ways I have not before. There is also the fear of starting from scratch in a new ministry. I am ready to help an organization that has a need but with that comes time of building relationships and training, much of which likely will take a while to see fruit.

Through all of these excitements and fears I am hoping to look back at myself in May and see the joys, mistakes, and life that I have lived and see the growth in myself, this community, and Kansas City. I desire to be around people who want to passionately seek Jesus in all that they do. With this in mind I hope to gain a solid base for God’s purpose in my work and find more ways to practically life for Jesus. As much as I have been imagining what this program will be like, one thing is for sure: these next nine months will be nothing like I expect. I know God has plans for me, this community, and Kansas City, and I am happier it is His plans that will unfold because they are far better than I could ever imagine.


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