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The Story That Knows Us

The story that knows us

Written by Sarah Ruhl Kansas City Fellow – Class of 2016-2017

It has been two and a half weeks since the Fellows program officially kicked off! It is hard to believe all of the things we have done in that time, from our time at the retreat, to roundtables and two Friday learning sessions. We have also spent some good time together exploring Kansas City and seeing what our new “home” for the next nine months will be like. I have absolutely loved seeing the diversity of our interests play out in conversations and activities, while coming together with common goals and objectives for the year ahead. All in all, I am so so so thankful for each and every individual in this program and how God will work through all of us in this time.

Yesterday, we gathered together for our second Friday morning LEARN session. Our discussion primarily centered on the story of the Gospel as seen through:

  • Creation: Ought
  • Fall: Is
  • Redemption: Can
  • New Creation: Will

I learned about the four-word Gospel while I was a student at John Brown University, but am always amazed at the renewed perspective I gain whenever I study it closer and hear about it in a new setting. In our Wednesday night RAZORS leadership class, we discussed how:

  • We all have a story we tell
  • We have a story that knows us
  • Leaders know the story that knows them

In my life, I see this as absolutely crucial to helping me understand the sin and brokenness that is seen all around the world. From broken families, to complex relationships, to racism, to work, to every other situation in society, the story of the Gospel gives us hope that God is using us in His story to bring redemption to His world. The part we play in these things can sometimes seem so small, but we are a part of His story, which is so much bigger, and is ultimately guiding and directing all world events to His glory. On Friday afternoon, after hearing our Lunch and Learn speaker and visiting The Hope Center (a non-profit community development organization), we wrestled both individually and together as a group with how we can address the systemic issues of poverty, race, education, etc.… in our culture. These are all very complex questions, and the answers are hard. The one thing I really appreciate about our group is how much we care, which is evidenced through our extensive conversations and communication about these topics. There is a lot more that could be said, but I want to end with 4 ways we can build God’s Kingdom, as well as a quote from our very own Karina Winkelman.

  1. Justice: working for it, points to the justice that will come in the future
  2. Beauty: Art and beautiful things point to what was made good and what will be made good again
  3. Work: Isn’t just worship, it can point to future glory
  4. Evangelism: How we share our faith reveals a lot about our real understanding of the whole story

“Everything I believe about the Will impacts how I live within the Can.” ~ Karina Winkelman

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