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FELLOWship | [fel-o-ship] | Noun

FELLOWship | [fel-o-ship] | Noun

FELLOWship | [fel-o-ship] | Noun

by sarah ruhl, kc fellow 2016-17

Fellow: a Companion

Fellowship: Communion

Ever since the beginning of the KC Fellows, my favorite part of the week has been Roundtable. Roundtables are on
Wednesday nights, and take place in different church members homes. During the course of the evening, we engage in communion around the table, enjoying very delicious food. After we eat, we often go around and share something about our week, and sometimes end with sharing prayer requests and praying for each other all together or in groups.

A fellow is a companion. To have fellowship is to have communion. As I seek to make the most of the fellows program, I think this is why I am so drawn to Roundtable. In my mind, roundtable is the essence of what this program is all about. It is about companionship, being together no matter what. And, it is about the wonderful opportunity we have to engage around a table, communing and sharing life together, week after week.

This is what it means to be a fellow.

Psalm 133:1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!

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