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New Year…Same God

New Year…Same God

New Year…Same God


by karina winkelman, kc fellow 2016-17


Have you ever been overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness?

Have you ever stopped to consider that everything you’ve been given is way more than you’ve ever deserved?

That’s what I’m doing right now- being blown away by God’s faithfulness, taking a time out to think about the grace piled upon grace covering grace in my life. 2016 is over and 2017 is here to stay for twelve months.

My 2016 ended while I was home in Minnesota at a New Year’s Eve party in the company of an unexpected combination of people- some of those people deeply involved in my present and others that randomly emerged from my past.

My 2017 started with a road trip back to my new home in Kansas City. After I unpacked, I sat at the kitchen table and played a card game with people I didn’t know five months ago. Now, I share life with them.

In that end and in that beginning I see a beautiful testament to God’s ability to weave people’s stories in and out of each other as He creates meaning for us through relationships.

In September God brought twelve unique stories together. We’re five months in. We’ve laughed (a lot). We’ve raised our
voices (in frustration, in joy, in anger…). We’ve cried. We’ve danced. We’ve sung. We’ve struggled. We’ve soared. We’ve got four months left.

Here’s to 2017 and the assurance that God will continue to be faithful to the Kansas City Fellows.

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