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Looking forward and looking back

I love the summer. I love the sun. The heat. Riding my bike. The long days. When the days start to get a little shorter mid-August, I begin my mourning the promise that colder weather will be here before we know it.

But September creeping closer fills me with excitement as we get closer to welcoming a new class of Fellows. This week I got anunexpected surprise that made me even more excited about our new class of Fellows. An employer from last year sent me an email with a link to the blog on their website. One of last years Fellows, Stephen LaGue, who now works full-time at Straub Construction as  a Project Superintendent had written a blog post for Straub reflecting on his time at Straub and on his experience as a Kansas City Fellow. His words, his reflections and introspection gave me renewed excitement about kicking off another year with a new class of Kansas City Fellows!

In his blog post Stephen wrote, “I believe the Kansas City Fellowship will not stop having an impact on who I am. I find myself unable to fully express my gratitude

for the opportunity to think so intentionally through what I believe and how that lines up so practically with the way I work, live, and play.”

The Kansas City Fellows is a nine month leadership and discipleship program, but our goal is for it to have a life long impact that shapes every single facet of our lives.

If you would like to read more of Stephen’s blog you can click here.

In just a couple weeks we start over with a new batch of Fellows. I’m excited for you to meet them.


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