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Day 49: Still Alive & Thriving

Day 49: Still Alive & Thriving

The KC Fellows has been a whirlwind. It feels like the busyness of college and career mashed their heads together. Both seem to exist within the other. I have thrived in an environment that is probably unique to my strengths; I have struggled to continue in that strength with small bits of frustration or tiredness and the want to go on a week-long vacation. I want to highlight some awesome things that are hopefully encouraging to anyone’s situation and also dive into the realness of living in the “real world”.

The intertwining of everything in life is exciting and fascinating. Every Friday, we get to utilize community and nurture our brains with concepts, ideas, and practical steps to make in our work. Our KC network of people is overwhelming, and we have not even gone through a quarter of the year. We get an excuse to share who we are in Jesus to coworkers and people we interact with by explaining what program we are a part of. We are not loners in a random apartment but have a built-in community within our houses with every other Fellow member. We make meals for each other, eat good at various people’s houses once a week, make dope music videos, and help each other in a variety of things from killing a bat flying around in bedrooms to having a serious sit-down conversation and going deep into life. I got to help plan a proposal/engagement party for a fellow Fellow, accidentally drank a roommate’s chocolate milk (he took my chicken, so we called it even), and have grown to enjoy cleaning with a group while playing dance playlists.

With every good thing there are hard things. Our schedule is busy during the week and far ahead planning often needs to take place. There are things we get to do (or are put into voluntarily) that budge into our individual lives or might feel more like school than cultivating our faith. These commitments and learning sessions can increase levels of stress. I have enjoyed my work and have loved breaking the boundary of secular vs. sacred. I think an expectation occurred that more of my life belongs to myself, and these last 49 days have begun to ring out how much God wants every aspect of my life, including what I feel like is my personal time and space. I mentioned that I have thrived in this environment because I am highly extroverted, love meeting new people, and am generally optimistic. But within all of that I can become selfish in action and attitude.

To conclude: adult life is busy but fun, a body of Believers is essential and affirming, and people who pour their time into you are hard to come by… unless you join the KC Fellows of course.

  • Michael (‘Betes) Prichard: 2019-20 KC Fellow. Currently working at College Park Specialty Clinic as a Medical Assistant and applying to PA school. Michael is from Aurora, CO, has 7 siblings, was homeschooled, has Type 1 Diabetes and raps as ‘Betes. You can listen to his music at:

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