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One Year Later.

One year later.

What a time!

Today will be my one year anniversary at my job as a KC Fellow. I started working early in the summer before the program began in September, and my life the last nine months in the Fellows program has been a blessing. The last two months were quite the whirlwind. I saw a cow-man over FaceTime, “worked” remotely as a Medical Assistant, witnessed innovation, enjoyed manual espresso making goodness, ended with a family-styled bbq, and debuted an album. These final words for the year are a testament to the goodness of the Fellows Initiative, living with a body of Jesus followers, and knowing a perfectly loving God.

I have had leaps of personal growth since the program began. I have learned how to network with those who care. My program-given mentor, (Matt Earnest) and host family (Dave & Marcy VanLandingham) were big stepping stones in meeting gracious, generous people who want to serve young adults. I was given numerous homemade meals served by a foodie, made wonderful wood pieces in a basement wood shop, and gained a new favorite restaurant. My mentor poured his wisdom on me in waves as we walked through my relationship with my future wife, career goals and how to reach them, and how our current lives were going.

I grew to see my Creator in every aspect of life. In medical work, God used me and molded me to become more efficient, creative, and empathtic. My personality thrived serving patients and helping a company do better in any small way I could control, including processes and the attitude that I brought every day. Patients, in a state of physical pain and emotionally drained spirits, occasionally shared deep parts of their lives. Only through God’s spirit leading did I have any idea of how to respond to many of the situations he presented to me. I hope everyone reading this, realizes that their 9-5 job is important, valued, and powerful regardless of the status it holds.

Now for a few of the anecdotes I mentioned in the opening paragraph. We are blessed to live together as Fellows, and as some went to their family houses to spend time there, those of us left in the houses formed a commune of our own.

Fancy Zoom features

The guy Fellows had been going through a Bible study since the beginning of the year, and we continued doing so with the fellow Fellow who was home with family. During our FIRST online study session, he turned into cow-man. Luckily, this was after our study so all distraction was welcomed. @adambowers #frisbah

Why I’m going into medicine and not art.

Pictured here is me working remotely. A big shout out to our directors who found jobs that allowed all except one (me) to work full hours even during Coronavirus. My hours were reduced as we reduced the number of patients we saw. As you can see, I stayed busy during my time off helping where I could.  


For Easter, we had a family brunch at 1pm (yes, it’s still brunch) as a Fellows Commune. We had to transfer many food items from one house to the other and Nick had the genius idea to thread the umbrella handle down the back of his shirt to protect him and the ham from the rain. It worked like a charm, and his ham avoided catastrophe.

Coffee Time

Nick Geels also bought this piece of beauty. Espresso making and coffee hour were a big hit for the at-home workers. We probably need to pay him back for the milk…maybe the coffee too. Even our director Carol Rauckman enjoyed a few warm beverages made by our local barista! *fun fact, both Nick and I were baristas at our colleges.

April, I went out with Nick (there are other Fellows besides him, I promise) and did a photo shoot. While I was changing outfits, he took this photo. I looked at it and said “yeah I like it!” and it became the album cover of my album. I am a rap artist and have 8 years of recording experience, so I figure I’d spend $20 from my stimulus package and get my music onto many music streaming platforms. Music has been so much fun to perform and share with others. And now it can be reached by billions. I am still trying to convince our director Kris Fernhout to use some songs during his spin classes.

Gathering around the table

Finally: I was grocery shopping when I came across a big chunk of salmon for $20. I love salmon. I love saving. And I was taking the GRE soon so figured I needed brain food. Throughout the year, two Fellows would cook on Thursday nights for the rest of the group with a few significant others thrown in the mix. For the final meal, we whipped out the salmon, grilled it on cedar planks, mashed some potatoes, and grilled asparagus. It was a fun way to end the community we had built around the table eating together. It was also a wonderful representation of how well God provided for all of us through lockdown, change, worry, and not-so-thought-through decisions. It made me reconsider how well I was treating patients, those I did not want to interact with, or those who offended me. Jesus calls us to be so loving that the world looks at us with tilted heads, wondering why we push love toward others while the world falls apart.

To whoever is still reading. I hope you enjoy the fun moments in life that God gifts you. I hope you use the potato filter on Zoom. I hope you hug people with a cherishing embrace when you get to see them. I hope, ulimately, Jesus enters the sacred space that can only be filled by him.

In Him,


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