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2020 In Many Ways Is A Year To Forget. Here’s Some Things We Will Always Remember.

2020 in many ways is a year to forget. Here’s some things we will always remember.

Favorite Memories from the Girls’ House

When Kris asked me to write a blog post, I was convinced I’d have something profound to say. Then I sat down to write and realized that the most profound thing has been God’s gracious work in giving us such a close-knit, rambunctious crew of Fellows. We come from all different backgrounds, have starkly different personalities and, yet, we have a heck of a time together. There’s no group of complete randoms that I would rather spend this crazy, COVID-impacted, unbelievably fruitful nine months with. And with that, let me tell you about some of our favorite memories—one by one, lady Fellow by lady Fellow.


On brand with one of Gracie’s favorite things—surprises—is her favorite memory. Flashback to September. One of the past Fellows had invited us to two events: a birthday party in the middle of October and a Halloween party later in the month (both with appropriate COVID measures in place, of course). Naturally, our already pretty hype gang was pumped. Upon finding out that the Halloween party was cancelled—instead of processing the disappointment like normal young adults—we had another plan in mind. When the night of the birthday party finally came, we pulled up to the house fashionably late as per usual. With power in numbers, we boldly walked through the front door…dressed as Despicable Me characters. You should’ve seen their faces. Everyone there was frozen with shock, probably debating whether we were insane or just weren’t informed that this wasn’t a costume party. It was hilarious. We celebrated with our heads held high that night, knowing that we’d pulled off the greatest reverse-engineered Halloween party in history… in the middle of a pandemic, no less.

On our way to the greatest reverse-engineered Halloween party in history.


Tarmine’s favorite memory is one of the first experiences I had in Kansas City. Only 10 minutes from our house is the beautiful Loose Park. With a sunken garden, tennis courts, hills abounding and a 1.5 mile running track around the entire thing, this park has it all. On this particular night, Loose lived up to expectations. The summer sun was hanging low in the sky. To our left was a dude with his dog (the cutest little fluff). To the right were a couple girls napping in their hammocks. Down the hill were some guys playing soccer. As we walked through the trees absorbing all that was going on around us, we came across a drum circle. There were people dancing inside the circle and others strumming along on guitars. Bystanders were blowing bubbles. Every once in a while, some of the drummers would jump into the circle and start dancing. There was no holding back—these people were so free. We sat down in the grass and watched for upwards of 45 minutes while the sun set. It was blissful.

Bliss at the beautiful Loose Park.


Rozlyn’s favorite memory happened while most of the Fellows were away. In early October, eight of the Fellows drove down to Arkansas, set up a couple tents and slept under a full moon. Rozlyn, Hannah and Sterling, however, stayed behind in Kansas City. While we were hiking through Centerpoint Trail and watching the moon reflect off the lake, Roz, Hannah and Sterling were exploring Kansas City and recording videoclips of their adventures. They then compiled those clips into a fun little video with the sole intent to make us jealous of all the fun they had without us. I specifically remember that Roz bought a super cute denim dress that weekend and showed it off as part of the video. Rozlyn really enjoyed the good quality time with Hannah and Sterling and the rest of us enjoyed watching the final product!

Be very jealous…we love Kansas City!


Hannah’s favorite memory happened when Tarmine wanted to jump on an Instagram trend at like eleven o’clock at night and took four of the Fellows, some sunglasses and a white sheet downtown for a couple hours. The goal was to hide Caleb, our tallest and lankiest Fellow, under a sheet with a couple eyeholes cut out of it and to take pictures of a “ghost” in different iconic Kansas City locations. Hannah, Gracie and Sterling were assistants to Caleb and Tarmine and together they produced very spooky photos at places like Town Topic and the Nelson. Fun fact: It was on this night that the very repetitive Season 6 inside joke was born. It is still alive and well today. (Hey, it’s alive and well.) (Oh, did she say it’s still alive and well?) (Yeah.) (Yeah, it’s still alive. And it’s well.)

Very spooky?


Madison’s favorite memory will never be forgotten by any member of the Season 6 Fellows. It is so touching some of us literally almost cried. However, some backstory is necessary. We decided early on in the program to follow the example set by prior classes of Fellows and set one night of the week aside for breaking bread and fellowshipping together. The first week, the girls cooked for everyone. Exactly one week after that, at the first crack of daylight, we received a text from one of the guy Fellows saying that they wouldn’t be making dinner because they hadn’t planned anything. What a way to start off the day. No one was mad—just disappointed. (And that’s almost worse, isn’t it?) Evening rolled in and instead of sitting around and being sad, the girls decided to have dinner out on the town. When we got back, the guys invited us over. We will never forget what we walked into. Apple turnovers, crepes, chocolate chip cookies, apple cider, chips and salsa were prepared on the island counter. An “I’m sorry” playlist was playing in the background. The boys apologized for dropping the ball and abandoning their duty. They even included a hilarious apology video in which each guy reflected on where they were when they received the “fatal text” that “ripped our community by the seams.” They really outdid themselves and set the tone for our level of commitment to each other and the program.

Apparently it’s never too late to apologize…with crepes, cookies and chips & salsa.


My favorite memory is happening right in front of me. I’m writing this blog post. The Christmas episode of The Office is on the TV. Hannah and Gracie are on the couch across from me looking at something on Gracie’s laptop. Tarmine is braiding Madison’s hair. The boys are on the other couch joking and laughing with each other. You guys, I’m not kidding. It’s the everyday with these people that warms my heart.

Except I am kidding. Well, half-kidding. My real favorite memory was on the 21st night of September. The lady Fellows had gotten up, gone to work, come home, made dinner and had done all the things you do on a normal day, but we hadn’t hung out with the boys. That’s definitely not usual—we literally hang out all the time. So, when we remembered at precisely eight o’clock that we hadn’t seen them all day, we promptly grabbed a speaker that is bigger than my face and marched over to the boys’ house blaring that iconic song by Earth, Wind & Fire. I think we played the song a total of three times and had an impromptu, full-out dance party the entire time. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to dance and that’s exactly what we did—no questions asked. Get you a crew like this one.

“You’re a shining star
No matter who you are!” – Earth, Wind & Fire

If you haven’t noticed, there are too many memories to choose from. It’s impossible to choose one. These past five months have been fast and stretching and so, so fun. Even amid the pandemic, this program has been so valuable to us. We appreciate all the work that Kevin, Carol and Kris do for us. We feel the love and support from those at Christ Community. We learn so much from our bosses, coworkers and mentors. The pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, but it has also opened my eyes to the fullness and richness of God’s provision and caring. That being said, I proudly proclaim with full confidence that the Kansas City Fellows program is the greatest blessing of 2020. And with that, the new year approaches. See y’all in 2021!

Blog by Sara Granfors – Season 6 Fellow and graduate of Peru State College, NE

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