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Meet the Fellows

a day in the life
of a Fellow

Take a look as we poke a little fun at ourselves. Learning, growing, living in community; and having a great time in the process.

Class of 2019-20

Hannah Bonifield

Overland Park, KS
Eastern University – Organizational Leadership

Employer: Hope International
Mentor: Sharon Thompson

Hannah gained valuable marketing experience with organizations including Johnson County Community College, Johnson County Libraries, Christ Community, and the Salvation Army. She has fallen in love with problem-solving and is interested in logistics, ethics, writing, and research. Hannah enjoys playing trumpet and brass bands.

Rozlyn Cole

Wymore, NE
Peru State – Business Marketing

Employer: eShipping
Mentor: Tara Bowers

Rozlyn’s three main passions are people, music, and business. These led to her involvement in business organization Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), singing, playing the piano, and meeting new people. Rozlyn hopes to have a career working with people on a personal level. She loves to travel and try new food.

Sterling Evans

Lathrop, MO
Kansas State University –
Mass Communications

Employer: Global Orphan Project
Mentor: Stan Wallace

Although Sterling trained to be a scientist including research, two internships, and co-author of several scientific publications, his career aspirations are not limited to the field. He is eager to explore positions which align with his mission of caring for and relating to people. Sterling has a heart for the Japanese people/culture and would love to return to Japan for work or as a missionary.

Sara Granfors

Seward, NE
Peru State – HR/Risk Management

Employer: Lockton
Mentor: Teresa Carey

Sara is interested in internal business operations and the intricacies of human behavior to create the optimal conditions for performance and reward. She used her leadership abilities in student organizations, as a fire department volunteer, and collaboration between the campus and community for local change. Sara is currently taking Spanish, hoping to master it.

Tarmine Guichette

Sterling, KS
Sterling College – Art and Design

Employer: Christ Community
Mentor: Kelly Kruse

Tarmine’s involvement in athletics, choir, campus events, and marketing for Sterling College created connections with all types of students. She has her own photography business and utilizes her interpersonal skills to get to know clients and serve them well. Tarmine loves coffee and misses her golden retriever Phoenix.

Brogan Hagemeier

Indianapolis, IN
Indiana University – Geography

Employer: eShipping
Mentor: Kevin Harlan

As the Food Pantry and Garden Coordinator at the Mt. Pleasant Impact Center, Brogan designed and constructed a garden to supplement food availability and provided crop research, planting schedules, and educational materials. He hopes for a career that unites business and ministry to create relationships and innovative solutions for lasting community impact, preferably with coffee involved.

Gracie Levy

Andover, KS
College of the Ozarks – Math/Psychology

Employer: JE Dunn
Mentor: Dala Bebee

Gracie worked in the Financial Aid Office which revealed an interest/ability for details and accuracy. Her research project on gratitude surveyed fellow students and included statistical analysis. She hopes  to put her analytical abilities to use and increase her skills in the data field. Gracie has family in Columbia where she learned Spanish. She also wants to learn Portuguese and Italian.

Caleb Miller

Boise, ID
Hope College – Business/Org. Leadership

Employer: Logic, Inc.
Mentor: Brendon Jenks

Work and educational experience in places like Liverpool (UK) and Freiburg (Germany), have given Caleb a diverse skill set that includes adaptability, communication skills, and work ethic, with an interest in international engagement. Caleb grew up in Prague, is a
Dallas Stars hockey fan and a dual citizen
of the US and Switzerland.

Madison Stemmler

Eureka, MO
University of Missouri – Journalism/Communication

Employer: Crux KC
Mentor: Sara Ramey

Madison enjoyed campus ministry, business fraternity, and working for a student-staffed creative agency. She interned with McCann Worldgroup in the Czech Republic and Japan, and is passionate about brands that create for people rather than at people. She has the Gallup StrengthsFinder “royal flush”: all 5 strengths in the Strategic Thinking category.

Marshall Williford

McPherson, KS
Sterling College – Human Biology

Employer: College Park Family Care
Mentor: Matt Earnest

Marshall is a nationally registered EMT and worked on the Campus Activities Board to serve his college community. He is considering a
career in medicine, but also interested in other industries with a longterm goal of serving the Muslim community. Marshall is learning
Arabic online.

Jeshua Witt

Orange City, IA
Dordt University – Business

Employer: Lockton
Mentor: Mike Neal

Jeshua developed his entrepreneurial skills in Dordt’s Business Club, and is looking forward to a career in marketing, management, or operations. He hopes to use his gifts to help others accomplish their goals. Jeshua enjoys time with family and friends, exercising, and watching sports. He played college football but knows he’s a better fan than player.

ALUMNI Fellows

Class of 2015-2016

Apryl Geling2015, Oklahoma State, Communications/Speech Pathology

Jonathan Hill2015, Oklahoma State, Business Management & HR

Austin Huhs, 2015, University of Kansas, Communications

Mitch Killian, 2015, Bethel University (MN), Economics and Finance

Sam Kinne2015, University of Missouri, Kansas City, Business Administration & Finance

Jason Prichard2015, Sterling College (KS), Business Administration & Leadership Management

Kyle Roos, 2015, Dordt College (IA), Business Administration

Class of 2016-2017

Ellie Berland University of Kansas

Liz Brocato2016, Oklahoma State University, Graphic Design

R.J. Duncan, 2016, University of Tennessee,
Business Administration, Supply Chain

Nick Hartley, 2016, University of Missouri, Agribusiness Management

Reid Hildenbrand2016, University of Kansas, Finance & Accounting

Josh Landis2016, Sterling College, Business Leadership/Management

Alison Martin2015, Kansas State University,
Family Studies & Human Services

Mekahla Peterson, 2016, Kansas State University, Psychology

Sarah Ruhl, 2016, John Brown University, Marketing

Harrison Unthank2016, Texas Tech University, Biochemistry

John Wilder, 2016, Christopher Newport University, Information Science

Karina Winkelman2015, Hope College, Communication,
Business Management

Class of 2017-2018

Jess Capps, 2017, William Jewell College (MO), Biochemistry

Marcus De Weerd, 2017, Dordt College (IA), Community Development

Emilie Dylewski, 2017, University of California, Berkeley, Economics

Taylor Ediger, 2017, Kansas State University, Agribusiness

Brianna Kroeze, 2017, Dordt College (IA), Business Administration: Marketing & Finance

Stephen LaGue, 2017, John Brown University (AR), Construction Management

Lucy Manning, 2017, University of North Carolina, Media & Journalism

Jennifer Rorie, 2017, University of Missouri, Human Development and Family Services

Amanda Stultz, 2017, Kansas State University, Psychology

Class of 2017-2018

Bradley DiLollo, 2018, Sterling College (KS), English

Stephen Leu, 2018, Kansas State University, Industrial Engineering

Chesnie Nichols, 2018, University of Tennessee, Business/Marketing

Julianne Stickland, 2018, University of North Carolina, Business Administration and Speech & Hearing Sciences

Elizabeth Thomas, 2018, John Brown University (AR), Bible and Business

Paige Wiley, 2018, Kansas State University, Communications & International Studies

Adam Ter Haar, 2018, Dordt College (IA), Criminal Justice and Social Work

Kasey Vanden Bosch, 2018, Dordt College (IA), Biology/Chemistry

Ezekiel (Zeke) Wilcox, 2018, John Brown University (AR), Communications


Class of 2018-2019

Adam Bowers, 2019, University of Kansas, Finance and Management

Nick Gells, 2019, Dordt University, Communications

Carson Gunnigle, 2019, Kansas State University, Mass Communications

Landee Gutshall, 2019, Sterling College, Art and Design

Rachel Kamm, 2019, Kansas State University, Industrial Engineering

Ryley Leseberg, 2019, Kansas State University, Business and Finance

Reagan Newhouse, 2019, Wichita State University, Marketing

Michael Prichard, 2019, Tabor College, Biology/Chemistry and Business

Bethany Van Eps, 2019, Dordt University, Business Administration

Micah Watney, 2019, Sterling College, Communications

Samatha White, 2019, Kansas State University, Business Administration


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